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Being your own boss means taking the initiative. These classes take the guesswork out of what you need to do to manage your business like a boss instead of your business managing you!

Take some time to reset and get your feet going in the right direction.

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What comes in the bundle?

Only $29

8 classes to improve your cookie business. From perfecting presales, to baking a better budget, this business bundle will have you cookie-ing better in no time!

The 8 classes include:

  • Perfecting Pre-Sales
  • Branding for Success
  • 3D Printing for Cookiers
  • Building Structures
  • The Efficient Cookier
  • Lettering Techniques with Royal Icing
  • Baking a Better Budget
  • Using Canva for Your Small Business

 Bonus material includes:

  • Lettering technique downloads
  • Email templates
  • Tags
  • 3D Printer resource download
  • Budget Affirmations
  • Branding Audit Worksheet
  • Canva Checklist
  • Structure .stl files

Note: Four classes are from the April 2022 Cookie Better Summit and four classes are from the August 2022 Cookie Better Virtual Workshop. If you have attended both events you have already viewed these classes. If you only attended one event you will gain access to four new classes.



When Cookie Better first started, we had a pretty simple goal: to help people bake better cookies and build a better business. We knew that there were a lot of people out there who loved baking cookies, but who weren't always sure how to get the best results as a business. We also knew that with a little bit of education, anyone could become a cookie-baking powerhouse. 

Our business is designed to empower people to bake smarter, not harder. But Cookie Better is about more than just efficiency; it's about building a community of like-minded cookie enthusiasts who are honest about their successes and failures, and who are always looking to learn from each other.

We believe that by helping people bake better cookies and build better businesses, we can make the world a sweeter place. Join us on this Cookie Better journey!